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Here is a sampling of our latest projects in development. You can also browse our back catalog of classic properties here.

Penny Nesmith, Monster Counselor

Penny Nesmith, Monster Counselor is a funny and fast-paced middle grade series featuring a charming heroine, crisp narration, beautiful illustrations, touching relationships, and the right dose of danger and adventure.

Oh, and monsters. Lots and lots of them.

Penny Nesmith, Monster Counselor

As an only child of a psychologist mom and a pastry chef dad, bright and bubbly Penelope Ann Nesmith learned the potent combinatorial value of great listening and useful advice-giving over killer chocolate mousse at a young age. After successfully counseling an insecure witch about her phony nose wart, Penny can’t go a week without some new, needy creature of the night pleading for an appointment. Penny takes her career very seriously and has ambitions to become the world’s most respected monster psychologist.

So schedule an appointment, make yourself comfy on the couch, and spill your guts (please, not literally). Penny is open for business.

Cash only. No checks, credit cards or cursed totems accepted.

The Helix Chase

The Helix Chase is an action-packed, time-traveling YA thriller that’s like Ready Player One meets Terminator.

Welcome to a future....

The Helix Chase

The government has created a new ID system called tags to keep better tabs on citizens.

Education has been privatized, now run by TeachCo, a highly structured and militant corporation.

Students are all placed into a rigorous tracking system from a young age: Athletic Track, Academic Track, Artistic Track and so on.

And one of the most popular devices on the market it the Cuff, a modernized iPhone-type that can do everything from make phone calls to GPS tracking to altering the reality around you.

The scary thing is...this is only 40 years from now.


Minyins is a young middle grade series that’s like Power Puff Girls meets Invader Zim with a twist of Gulliver’s Travels.

On the far away planet of Dominyin, the Overlords rule over their Minyin hordes with an iron fist. But on a mission to destroy earth, the Overlords go missing.

What’s a Minyin to do without someone to rule them? Using the portal on Mount Doominyin, they zoom in on the target planet, and right into the school yard of Purdy Pines Elementary. And they find the perfect new overlords for the job.

What happens when kids rule the world?

Read the proposal for this new series to find out!




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